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Campoli Family

For over five years Dr. Lori Batch has been our Chiropractor, providing the care we need to keep us healthy and active. Issues such as back and neck pain, sciatic nerve issues, headaches etc. have been addressed with Dr. Batch's care. Her administrative support is also professional and extremely helpful.

Thank you Dr. Batch and Linda!

The Campoli Family

Lewis Family

I have been an advocate for Chiropractic care since the age of thirteen. A fall at the age of ten left me with a broken sternum and a few broken ribs. As I grew, the imbalance in my thoracic musculature became quite pronounced. Now, at forty-five, one cannot tell of my fall, due to regular chiropractic care.

When my youngest son, at the age of one, began holding his head at an awkward angle, I felt a trip to a chiropractor was in order. I chose Southview Chiropractic Clinic for it's proximity to our home, but then quickly realized the blessing we have in Dr. Batch. Her professionalism, knowledge, skill with people of any age, and kindness are what continues to draw us to her today, nearly six years and a now forty minute drive later.

We all are healthier and have increased well being, with much thanks to Dr. Batch!

The Lewis Family


Nearly 3 years ago I was referred to Dr. Batch by a co-worker when I was complaining of discomfort in my upper rib-cage. I was reluctant to start seeing a chiropractor but I was desperate to start feeling better. When I first met Dr. Batch she took time to explain the benefits of chiropractic care and how proper alignment of the spine is critical for overall health & well being. She put my mind at ease by explaining what she would do at each session and how the cumulative effects of treatment would have a positive long-term effect on my immune system, posture, and help alleviate pain in my body.

Since beginning my journey with Dr. Batch I can honestly say that I have become one of her biggest supporters and will tell ANYONE who has pain or discomfort that they need to see her!! I have experienced first-hand the benefits of chiropractic care - my body is properly algined which means that I can run long distances without pain in my knees or hips. I recently completed a half marathon and didn't have any joint pain afterwards, whereas in the past I would have been aching after running only a few kilometers. Dr. Batch also fixed my plantar fasciitis - which I was amazed to learn that she could treat since I mistakenly assumed that chiropractors only worked on the spine and neck.

Dr. Batch is a warm and caring person who takes a genuine interest in getting to know her patients on a personal level. She is always interested in hearing about my plans for the weekend and follows up on previous conversations that we've had. I feel like I'm visiting with a friend and that I'm not just another patient. I always leave her office feeling better than I did when I arrived - mentally, emotionally, AND physically. I feel like I'm doing something good for my body and that is a great feeling!!

Thank you Dr. Batch.

Sarah K.


All it took was one little bend down to pick up something off the floor, and I felt a strange twinge in my back. It felt like nothing at first, but over the course of the day, and then overnight, I knew something was wrong. The next day, I had horrible trouble just getting out of bed. Everything hurt when I moved or even just sat down, and driving was excruciating. As a teacher, I did not have the luxury of taking time off work to regain my full health. I realized that I had to do something because life just wasn't liveable that way.

I contacted Dr. Lori Batch. She examined me and explained that most likely my back pain was a pre-existing condition and not just the result of a momentary bending, so it would take a little time to recover. However, even after the first chiropractic treatment I felt much better. With each subsequent appointment I continued to improve, and I am now happy to say that I no longer experience any pain or discomfort with any of my daily activities. Dr. Batch also spent time educating me about proper or more effective ways of sitting, bending or reaching, getting out of bed, etc., to help reduce future stresses on my spine. With regular chiropractic care, I have continued to remain pain-free and I feel I have a greater 'ease of movement' - it has made my life so much better.

To be honest, I was a little sceptical of chiropractic at first, but I have to say that I'm a true convert. I would certainly recommend chiropractic care from Dr. Batch to anyone I know or encounter who has back or spine-related pain or discomfort. Thanks again for restoring my spinal health and helping me live my life comfortably again.

Best regards,

Kim D.

I have a new health care professional in my life - her name is Dr. Lori Batch. I met her 5 years ago in my kitchen, over a cup of coffee as I read the local Caledon paper. I was intrigued that she was a chiropractor, personal trainer and understood athletes who have sport related injuries and want to achieve optimal performance. I cut out the article and stuck it on my fridge with kid's artwork, party invitations and the yearly calendar. I viewed it every day - promising myself I would call ... tomorrow!

As the years passed, the article on the fridge yellowed and my lower back pain didn't subside! I finally made the call in October, 2011. By that time, the simple task of bending over to wash my face was impossible without lower back pain. I would brace myself to sneeze for fear of putting my back out. Being an active runner, cyclist and yoga fanatic, I now needed help to enjoy what I love to do.

To my surprise, Lori Batch was more impressive in person than on paper. She listened to me, consulted with my spine and proposed a course of action. It's been eight visits and I've been revived! Why had I waited so long???

What I can tell you is that Dr. Lori Batch's passion, articulate explanations and the concern for your health is evident in her professional character. If it wasn't for her treatment, I would still be in severe pain! I sincerely thank Dr. Lori Batch for what she has done and look forward to future optimal health.

Little Frankie & Donna

For years I would come home from work at noon to walk my dogs. My cat Frankie would always be sitting on the front stoop to greet me. One day I came home, but no Frankie.

Frankie had always been somewhat of a 'different' cat. She lived on the kitchen counter most of the time, drinking from the tap and helping with meals. She had her favourite sleeping mat and spent most of her time resting there. Frankie always hated the basement, but we had to keep the litter boxes there because of the layout of the house. Frankie refused to go to the basement on her own so we had established a special routine. She would let me know when she needed to go downstairs. I would carry her to the basement, wait for her, then carry her back upstairs.

The day I came home but didn't see Frankie on the stoop, I started looking for her but she was nowhere to be found. I looked everywhere and eventually went to the basement where I found Frankie hiding under a table. I carried her upstairs, but she turned around and raced back to the basement. This happened several times and each time I brought her upstairs, she would return to the basement. Eventually Frankie stopped eating and drinking so I set her up in a spare room with a big dog bed, litter, food, and water. She seemed to be in a lot of pain. I took her to my veterinarian who examined her and did a variety of tests but everything came back normal. Frankie remained in a lot of pain but we didn't know why. We started her on pain medication with some improvement. Eventually Frankie started eating and drinking again but still would not leave her big bed. I had to help her in and out of the litter box because she was in so much pain.

My vet referred Frankie to a specialist who did a variety of additional tests, including joint taps. Several specialists examined Frankie but no one could come up with any answers for Frankie's problems or offer any treatments that would help. Frankie and I went home with more pain medication. Several weeks went by with no change. I felt so bad for Frankie. My options were running out and I could not leave her like this, but I did not like the option that was left. I was so sad.

I decided to take Frankie to see a trusted surgeon who had done surgery on three of my dogs. As she examined Frankie's back I heard her quietly say, "oh, you seem out of alignment." I thought to myself, she is going to suggest a chiropractor. She left the room with Frankie and when she returned she told me this was not a surgery issue. She smiled and said, "I know you are open-minded." "Here it comes!" I thought to myself. She suggested a chiropractor for Frankie.

I started my internet search and found Southview Chiropractic & Wellness Centre. They saw dogs and cats, and even horses, and were close to home. I looked at their web page, liked what I saw, and was anxious for Frankie to meet Dr. Batch. I called and made an appointment for the next day!! I had high hopes that chiropractic was what Frankie needed.

Dr. Batch examined Frankie, reviewed her x-rays and read the veterinarian's and specialists' reports. She explained the treatment that she would do with Frankie. She took the time to show me a model of a spine so I could understand what was going on with Frankie. I was worried that Frankie would not be cooperative, but Frankie loved Dr. Batch. She quietly let Dr. Batch do her treatment. Dr. Batch was so gentle and took her time. Frankie would look up at her as if to say, "Thank you, finally someone is helping me." I wanted to cry.

Later in the day after Frankie's first treatment, I visited Frankie in her room at home. Expecting her to be lying on her big dog bed, I was shocked to find her at the door sitting looking at me. She walked around for a bit and then went back to rest in her bed. After each visit with Dr. Batch I saw more of the" Frankie" I knew. After 2 weeks of treatments, Frankie vocalized that she had enough of being locked away in her room and wanted out! So I opened the door expecting her to race to the basement. Instead she meandered to the kitchen and jumped up on the counter, then walked over to the tap for a drink. Since that day we have never looked back. She takes herself down to the litter box and then comes back to the kitchen all on her own, a bonus for me. We continue to see Dr. Batch on a monthly basis to maintain Frankie's health.

For myself, I have suffered from fibromyalgia, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis for years. I work full time and long hours. By the time weekends rolled around I would crash. I never had enough energy to do simple tasks like housework and gardening, and I was always in constant pain. Gardening is the greatest pleasure I have. Not being able to take care of my garden was so frustrating. I was always behind the eight ball with housework and life in general. I was on several medications to help me sleep and get through the day. As I watched Dr. Batch working on Frankie one day I told her about my health issues. We decided to start a treatment program for me, and my response was even better and quicker than Frankie's. Within a few weeks of starting chiropractic care I started to decrease some of my medications. After a few months I was off all my medications, and now eight months after starting chiropractic care I am still off all the medications that I had been taking for years.

I sleep better and I have more energy than I know what to do with. And best of all, I am pain free. My family cannot believe this is the same girl. My husband wants to know where the "off button" is. I accomplish everything I plan to do every day.

All I can say is "wow" and thank you Dr. Batch. I love my sessions with Dr. Batch. She is so caring and always tries to accommodate my appointments with my busy schedule. Frankie and I are thankful to Dr. Batch for giving us both a better quality of life.

Little Frankie & Donna