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Equine Chiropractic

Whether you ride for pleasure or competitively, regular chiropractic care helps keeps your horse biomechanically sound and moving well and is ideal for overall equine health and performance.

The following signs may indicate dysfunction in the neuro-musculoskeletal system:

  • Short-striding (or off) in front
  • Short-striding (or off) behind
  • Difficulty flexing the poll
  • Head or ear-shy/head tilting
  • Difficulty picking up, maintaining, or changing leads
  • Difficulty with collection or impulsion/weaker in hind end
  • Hesitant to jump/jumping unevenly
  • Difficulty with bending/travelling wide on turns
  • Sensitivity around the girth
  • Insubordination when being ridden, pulls against one rein
  • Carrying tail more to one side
  • Rider feeling crooked or saddle slipping to one side
  • Shoes worn down on one side or horse drags its feet
  • Feeling stiff (or cold-backed)

Dr B horse back Dr B horse leg