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Testimonials - Horses


I recommend Southview Chiropractic for equine chiropractic. My 8-yr old off the track thoroughbred (OTTB) Red Devil had been coming up lame for some time. I contacted Dr. Batch who scheduled an appointment to come out to my farm to assess Red. She felt his lameness was his way of compensating for significant pain and reduced mobility through his rib cage and lower back, and ultimately this had created a lot of imbalance in his body. She adjusted Red on the first visit, and we scheduled a second visit a couple weeks later. I noticed improvement after each visit with Dr. Batch and by the third visit Red was moving better and seemed to be his usual self again. Red and I are back jumping again, and we are looking forward to competing in the new year.

I highly recommend Dr. Batch for equine chiropractic. She is very thorough in her assessments, and explains everything in a way that you can understand so you know exactly what the issue is with your horse.

Carly Wright